Friday, January 24, 2020

Lennies Passion for Soft Objects in Of Mice and Men :: Papers

Lennie's Passion for Soft Objects in Of Mice and Men Works Cited Missing Definition of the word trace: follow, hint, and mark out. In this essay I will trace in detail soft things that Lennie pets in the novel, showing that the petting grows more serious as the novel goes on. In the novel Lennie pets mice, he dreams about petting rabbits, destroys someone's dress in Weed, hurts Curly's hand, kills a pup, and kills Curley's wife. Bad things come in threes, Lennie's two accidental killings of animals foreshadow the final killing of Curley's wife, an accident that seals his own fate and destroys not only his dreams but George's and Candy's as well. In the beginning Lennie used to pet mice that his Aunt Clara used to give him, he would always end up killing them because he didn't know his own strength. Lennie never killed any pet or person purposely; he pets too roughly and kills them accidentally. An example of his rough tendencies is in the first chapter (page7) when Lennie wants to keep a dead mouse and George wouldn't let him Lennie says" Uh-uh. Jus' a dead mouse, George. I didn't kill it. Honest I found it. I found it dead." The dead mouse is also an allusion to the novel's title, a reminder that dreams will go wrong, even petting a mouse.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

History of Rock Worksheet

History of Rock Worksheet Write a 500- to 750-word explanation regarding the role of plate tectonics in the origin of igneous rocks. Igneous rocks can come from two hot liquid like materials, which are lava and magma, these to substances are a lot alike, magma is what lava is before it is taken to the Earth's surface by a volcano eruption. These substances being such a large part of the forming of Igneous rocks is where the rock gets its name, the word igneous comes from the word ignis, which is the Latin word for fire.Magma and Lava are a consistency like molten metal and they carry crystallized minerals and are hot enough to change existing rocks forms. Igneous rocks are created in three places. The first is where the lithospheric plates pull apart making a gap in the at the ridges under the ocean. The second is where the continental crust is forced together. The third is where the plates come together. As the lava or magma moves they collect different minerals and these minerals b egin to crystallize as the lava or magma cools. The speed of the cooling process helps to determine the physical characteristics of the rocks.With the movement and the new minerals that come this will change the rock. There are two types of Igneous rocks. The first kind of Igneous rock is Extrusive rock, which is formed when magma escapes through the where the plates meet, these rocks cool very quickly some in a matter of seconds which makes their grains very small called the Aphanitic texture. The second kind of Igneous rock is Intrusive rock, which is made underneath the Earth's surface which makes it cool very slowly some take thousands of years, which makes larger size grains called Phanertic texture.The classification of each rock is based on the minerals that it is made up of, some of the common minerals found in Igneous rocks are olivine, mica, feldspar, quartz, and pyoxenes. The most well known Igneous frock is Granite, which is also the most commonly used Igneous rock. It i s used for many things that we see daily like, paving stones, counter tops, flooring tiles, curbing, and many other things. Granite can be found under the Earth's crust almost anywhere on Earth. The movement of the plates is what allows magma to move and causes volcanic eruptions which allows Igneous rocks to be created.Write a 500- to 750-word explanation regarding the role of plate tectonics in the origin of metamorphic rocks. Magma also plays a very large role in creating and forming Metamorphic rocks. To create a Metamorphic rock there has to be an extreme amount of pressure and very high temperatures. This high temperature must be hot enough to reorganize the matter within an existing rock but not hot enough to melt it all the way. There is two places where hot magma can push itself through to the Earth's surface. The first place is divergent plate boundaries.And the second is convergent plate boundaries. The process of creating Metamorphic rocks is called Metamorphism. Metamor phism is when magma is pushing its way to the Earth's surface and comes into contact with different rocks, the hot magma will heat these rocks. This much heat on the rocks causes them to change and then they have become Metamorphic rocks. This change will usually completely change the original rocks physical, structural, and textural characteristics, because new minerals come and change the original minerals.These rocks are a result of the continual movement of plate tectonics. New Metamorphic rocks can be created from the original rock being Sedimentary rocks, Igneous rocks, or even other Metamorphic rocks. When two plate collide they cause the Earth's crust to fold and fault, this intense pressure makes the process of Metamorphism, which makes sometimes large areas on the Earth's crust become Metamorphic rock. Which would make landmarks such as Mountain ranges. During this process it will only become a Metamorphic rock if the rock stays a solid, if it melts then that makes an Igne ous rock.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Internet Based Architecture And Its Impact On System...

1. â€Å"The Internet has had an enormous impact on system architecture.† (Rosenblatt, 2013, p.417). The reward of selecting an Internet-based architecture has the benefit of being able to assist the users with daily business transactions in an environment that is online. â€Å"The shift to Internet-based collaboration has been so powerful and compelling that it has been named Web 2.0. Web 2.0 envisions a second generation of the Web that will enable people to collaborate, interact, and share information more dynamically.† (Rosenblatt, 2013, p.419). Also, with the Internet-based architecture, the whole system is on the web server, eliminating the need for a server/system. â€Å"In an Internet-based architecture, in addition to data and application†¦show more content†¦The information you want to tell to Gray is that by using a Web-based marketing you can make the advertising interactive, people would be able to access the site for all online transactions, an d the customer will be able to make comments to improve the overall business. The most important of that point is the achievable expectation – when we make the push for more internet marketing efforts, we want to make attainable goals. The goals we set will show to Gray that Web-marketing is the best way for Personal Trainer to interact with their customers and have the ability to have our presence on the internet. 3. For the point of sale transactions (POS), Personal Trainer will have hardware and software requirements. For the hardware, a scanner will be needed to scan the item into the system. The scanner should be able to either scan money amounts or barcodes that represent the item in the system. A monitor would be required to see the items that are scanned and to verify the price of the item; if a keyboard is not attached to the system, the monitor should also have a touchscreen. All these items should be plugged into a system that will contain the software that should maintain the database for inventory and sales. The software should be able to maintain a database that has all the items and service that Personal Trainer will be able to provide. The database can maintain the inventory of items that are being sold, along with historical data