Friday, February 14, 2020

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Rhetorical Analysis - Essay Example The purpose was even to make the White American population feel guilty of their atrocious behavior towards the African American population in order to gain sympathy and motivate them to give equal rights to African Americans. He quite effectively used the persuasion techniques of emotional appeal and credibility to persuade his audience. The speech that was authored and presented by Douglas was quite persuasive for the African American population as well as the White American population because he was a credible actor who really knew the pressing issues faced by the African Americans. He is well qualified to deliver the speech and persuade the audience because he had himself experienced the atrocities that he experienced at the hands of the White Americans. He had experienced the misery of being a slave and was even one of the numerous leaders who led the Abolitionist Movements from the front. His experience provides him the mandate of being a credible speaker and author of the speech in the eyes of the audience. Furthermore his repeated citing of bible and the context in which he was citing the bible portrays him as a person who is knowledgeable. Douglas continued to persuade the audience by appealing to the emotions of the African Americans who were still experiencing atrocities at the hands of the majority of the population of America. He uses various words and phrases to attract the emotions of his audience. For example, he uses the phrases such as â€Å"mournful wail of millions† in order to appeal to the audience’s emotions of sorrow as well as their emotion of begging to be helped (Douglass 1). Furthermore he uses the phrase â€Å"bleeding children† to appeal to the white audience to sympathies with the African Americans who were still suffering and were being treated as slaves (Douglass 1). His aim of using these terms to make the White population feel the pain that is being suffered by the African Americans and to

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